we are passionate about

what we do

Our skills base allows us to offer secure end-to-end TECH 4.0 solutions and systems integration.


itFoundry represents the new order of things to come.

We are a diverse collective of highly skilled electrical and mechatronic engineers, developers and programmers, system architects and creative technologists.

These core skills, partnered with experienced installation and support engineering skills, ensure that any solution provided by Bitfoundry adds value and long term stability to the client.

Our partnerships with world leading measurement and control system providers, enables enterprise to provide better resource management, lower costs and improve end to end efficiency across multiple industries, such as Building Automation, Data Centres and Industrial environments.

We are also extremely passionate about our ability to create positive impact in the environmental and renewable energy sectors. There are significant commercial and good purpose opportunities that can be valuable change instigators to our planet and society.

What are your Tech 4.0 requirements?